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Strict Bans on Texting While Driving Lead to Fewer Hospitalizations, Study Finds

West Virginia auto accident attorneyAs experienced personal injury attorneys in West Virginia, we have represented victims seriously hurt in car accidents caused by distracted drivers. We have heard from families who have lost loved ones who died because of negligence. Because we have seen the devastating impact of car accidents firsthand at Klie Law Offices, we advocate for strong safety initiatives.

We support taking tough action against drivers who break the law in West Virginia and talk on their cell phones while operating vehicles or text and drive. Scientific studies show that texting while driving may be worse than drinking and driving. And while some people think they can operate a motor vehicle safely while having a conversation on a cell phone, findings of studies reveal that people who engage in this type of behavior are distracted and face a higher risk of causing a car accident.

The news media reported in April that a new study suggests texting-while-driving bans in states are linked to a drop in car accidents. Specifically, a report in the American Journal of Public Health finds that states which adopted relatively strict bans on texting and driving between 2003 and 2010 experienced a decline in the number of hospitalizations from car wrecks. That’s according to a HealthDay report published April 3.

Among the findings of the study, states that have “primary enforcement” of their texting laws see the benefit of fewer injuries from accidents. Primary means that a police officer can pull over someone who is seen texting, but is not seen committing any other violations. In West Virginia, drivers who are seen using handheld cell phones either for talking or texting can be pulled over. Police do not need any other reason, because the cell phone law is subject to primary enforcement.

Tough Anti-Texting Laws Appear to Save Lives

Researchers say more states should consider primary enforcement when it comes to preventing drivers from texting because such tough measures appear to save lives. According to HealthDay, states with strict cell phone laws for drivers experienced a 9 percent dip in hospitalizations from auto accidents. Interestingly, this decline was for Americans 22 and older. The drop for younger people was statistically insignificant, but the lead researcher stressed that doesn’t mean texting bans make no difference for young drivers, according to HealthDay. An earlier study showed that bands were liked to a decline in fatal accidents among all age groups.

According to an article published by WDTV.com, at least one police chief in West Virginia believes the cell phone use ban for drivers has been extremely positive. Chief John Walker of the Bridgeport Police Department was quoted as saying “I think it’s one of the better laws that we’ve implemented.”

Klie Law Offices understands that no text or phone call is worth risking your life of or the lives of others. A tragedy can happen in the second or two a driver that a driver is focused on a conversation or texting.  The accident can destroy an innocent person’s life.

When you’re driving, stay focused on the road ahead. Don’t ignore the law and jeopardize the safety of everyone sharing the road.

If you were injured by a distracted driver or you lost a loved one, contact Klie Law Offices for a free and confidential consultation. The West Virginia personal injury attorneys have experience handling a variety of accident cases. Call 866-408-9059 or visit www.klielawoffices.com. No cost unless you win.

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