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Tips for Divorced Parents Managing Summer Visitation Schedules

Summer can be a time of joy, relaxation, and excitement for children, but for divorced parents, it can present unique challenges, especially when it comes to visitation schedules. Balancing fun and structure in summer visitation schedules The shift from the structured routine of the school year to the free-spirited days of summer requires a delicate…

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Fostering Healthy Relationships with Smoother Parental Visitations

Divorced parents who share custody of children often face many challenges, especially when it comes to determining when each parent spends time with their children. Sometimes, finalizing these arrangements can be difficult. However, in many cases, healthy parental relationships help make these child custody issues easier. Common types of parental visitations for divorced parents Parental…

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How Divorce Decisions Today Impact Tomorrow’s Summer Vacations

Summertime should be a wonderful time to go on vacation and make lasting memories with your children. However, sometimes, summer vacation plans can be more complicated when they involve divorced parents who share custody of their children. Fortunately, these decisions usually go smoothly, especially when parents consider child custody issues. So, what issues should parents…

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What’s Next After the Love Is Gone From Your Marriage?

A divorce attorney can help you find your way forward. Valentine’s Day is when couples express their love and appreciation for one another through gifts and romantic dinners. But it’s not that way for everyone. Many couples are in marriages that have broken down over time. The love has gone out of the relationship and…

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How Divorce Can Offer a Fresh Start in 2024

While getting divorced can be a stressful and emotional experience, it can offer a fresh start in 2024, especially if 2023 was a rough year in your marriage. The partner initiating the divorce may have been processing the end of the relationship for a considerable period, sometimes months or even years. Meanwhile, the other partner…

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Navigating Co-Parenting During the Holidays: 10 Helpful Tips

The holiday season is a time for celebration and cheer. But after a divorce, determining how to make holiday plans when co-parenting can be challenging. You may encounter emotional stress, scheduling conflicts, and communication roadblocks. Co-parenting during the holidays is all about your child’s best interests. Below are 10 helpful co-parenting tips tailored for the…

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Breaking Down The Key Factors That Lead to Divorce

What drives couples to end their marriages? Nearly 690,000 married couples chose to part ways in 2021 — a statistic that represents about half the number of couples who tied the knot during the same period. To help people understand what causes divorce – and how to spot the warning signs – Forbes surveyed people…

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Proposed Workplace Harassment Guidelines Up for Public Comment

In the wake of several years of changes in both the law and the workplace, the federal agency that enforces harassment claims recently announced proposed updated guidelines. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced the proposed guidelines at the end of September, and they are up for public comment until the beginning of November….

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Proposed Overtime Exemption Changes Would be a Game-Changer

Under federal wage and hour laws, employees are eligible for overtime (time and a half) for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek, unless they meet specific criteria to qualify as “exempt.” New DOL rule would make millions of workers eligible for overtime A proposed U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) rule would tighten…

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Employees’ Rights in the Age of AI

The rise of easily accessible artificial intelligence (AI) tools is changing every industry, and one of the many new applications of AI is in making management decisions. While AI has promise to improve efficiency and productivity, it also carries significant risks for employees. In particular, concerns have been raised about AI algorithms making discriminatory employment…

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