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How hard is it to prove workplace age discrimination?

If you’re over 40, you face the risk of age discrimination in the workplace. You may get passed over when applying for a job, even though you’re qualified. You may get fired because your company can hire a younger worker for less pay. You may hear your boss make an offensive comment because of your...

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Incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace on the rise

A variety of stresses at work typically come with the job, but sexual harassment shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately, incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace are on the rise, including here in West Virginia. According to Market Watch, the increase began around October 2017, when the #metoo movement gained momentum. While sexual harassment...

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What Constitutes Disability Discrimination in the Workplace? West Virginia Attorneys Discuss

People with disabilities should be able to work and provide for themselves without facing any kind of stigma or discrimination. Unfortunately, disability discrimination often occurs in the workplace – leaving people with disabilities with little-to-no options to find and maintain employment. Massive layoffs at Walmart demonstrate a part of a larger problem Historically, employees with...

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West Virginia Attorney Discusses Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Religion can be a sensitive subject for some people. It can evoke disagreements and even outright disdain among opposing parties. Regardless of what one’s view is on a specific religion, or religion in general, discrimination and segregation have no ethical or legal standing in the workplace. Religious discrimination in the workplace may manifest through: Turning...

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Are You Dealing with Employer Retaliation? A West Virginia Attorney Discusses What You Can Do

Retaliation from employers is not only spiteful, unprofessional, and juvenile, but also against the law in West Virginia. However, in many cases, employers and managers disregard the law – primarily because they don’t believe any action will ever be taken against them.  Employers and managers may retaliate against an employee for:   Reporting discrimination  Reporting sexual harassment  Rejecting sexual advances ...

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Bullying in the Workplace Takes Different Forms; Our Attorneys Discuss

Bullying promotes an unproductive work environment because employees who are distracted cannot perform their best, which can have a negative impact on a company’s bottom line. So-called “harmless” banter, for example, can escalate into harassment, hostilities and even violence that results in injuries or worse. Bullying falls into several categories: Sexual harassment: Unwanted contact or...

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Workplace Sexual Harassment Claims Spike, Attorney Explains

While high-profile sexual harassment complaints in New York City and Hollywood get most of the #MeToo headlines, they have sparked an increase in reports across the country. How prevalent is workplace sexual harassment? The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently reported the number of sexual harassment charges filed with the agency climbed 12 percent in...

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