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West Virginia T-Bone Collision Prevention

West Virginia auto accident attorneyA T-Bone accident occurs when one car is hit at a perpendicular angle so the two vehicles form the shape of a T. These accidents can happen when someone pulls out of a parking space or out of a driveway without looking to make sure there is no cross traffic. In most cases, however, an experienced accident attorney knows these types of collisions happen at intersections.

Your behavior at an intersection can have a big impact on whether you become involved in a side impact crash. If you exercise reasonable care, you can avoid hitting others. You cannot always avoid having someone hit you. However, by driving defensively, you can significantly reduce the chances you will be involved in a car accident.

Although you aren’t responsible by law for preventing a crash caused by the negligence of another motorist, if you can follow some simple safety practices, you and your passengers will be much safer on the roads.

T-Bone Accident Prevention Tips

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company tells motorists “driving to prevent accidents means more than observing traffic laws, being alert and driving skillfully.” Driving to prevent accidents means paying attention to what other motorists are doing, expecting other motorists to make mistakes, and anticipating crashes that could occur when careless actions happen.

When you approach an intersection, you should not necessarily expect every other motorist is going to follow the rules. Another motorist could turn on a red light, or drive through a red light or a stop sign. Another motorist could fail to yield and enter an intersection when it is not his turn. To try to prevent a T-Bone collision with a motorist who makes these careless mistakes, you should approach every intersection at a reasonable speed and be prepared to come to a stop if it is necessary. You should always check cross streets and make sure other traffic is clear and vehicles are stopped before you enter an intersection, even if it is your turn to go.

You do not want to be the motorist who makes the mistake and causes the collision, so it is important to follow the rules of the road. This means coming to a full stop at a stop sign and always stopping for a red light. It also means slowing down when approaching a yellow light, and waiting your turn when another motorist has the right-of-way. Avoid cutting off other drivers or turning when it is not safe to do so, and if you have impaired visibility due to objects blocking your view of cross traffic, try to wait until you have a clear view before entering the intersection.

It is also important to ensure your vehicle is in good working order and your brakes are functioning properly. By following best practices for safety, you should be able to avoid many T-Bone crashes.

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