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Pedestrian and cyclists in West Virginia have a right to use roads or cross streets without fear of sustaining grave injuries. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t pay attention other people sharing the road with them. That’s why pedestrian accidents often happen on rural roads and town streets from Webster Springs to Clarksburg, WV. With the rising popularity of sport utility vehicles (SUVs), our roads are more dangerous for pedestrians than ever.

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents can result in serious or life-threatening injuries, because the cyclists or the person on foot has little crash protection. If you’re a victim of a car accident while riding your bike or crossing a road, make sure your legal case gets the attention it rightfully deserves. Talk to us today at Klie Law Offices. Find out how our experienced West Virginia pedestrian accident attorneys can help.

In a recent year, 47% of pedestrian fatalities involved alcohol-impaired drivers. (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

What are the common causes of pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents happen for many different reasons. The most common excuse from drivers who cause such accidents is that they simply didn’t see the cyclist or pedestrian. Such an excuse might sound innocent or forgivable, but these drivers could have prevented the accident. Experience has shown us that many pedestrian accidents are caused by careless or reckless drivers. Some of the contributing factors include:

  • Distractions – Drivers may be texting or looking at a map in their car when they strike a pedestrian. Other common distractions include:
    • Eating while driving
    • Personal grooming
    • Adjusting the radio
    • Operating a GPS device
  • Texting while driving – Texting while driving deserves to be singled out among examples of distracted driving because this common cause of pedestrian accidents has become so widespread in recent years, even though texting while driving is against the law in West Virginia. People that text and drive often cause serious car accidents, including ones involving cyclists alongside the road and pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Speeding – Speeding might seem like victimless crime. But when drivers ignore the speed limit and travel too fast, they don’t have enough time to stop safely for a pedestrian or cyclist who might be sharing the road.
  • Reckless drivers – Some drivers operate in a reckless or erratic manner. They might run lights or stop signs. They might make sudden lane changes or follow a vehicle too closely. Their aggressiveness behind the wheel can be a factor in a pedestrian or bicycle accident.
  • Drunk drivers – Drinking and driving can easily result in an accident involving a pedestrian or cyclist. In accidents involving impaired drivers and pedestrians, the pedestrian may be entitled to recover compensation from the at-fault drunk driver to pay for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other accident-related losses.

What should I do if I’m hurt in a pedestrian accident?

We strongly urge you to take the following steps if you or a loved one was injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident caused by a driver in West Virginia:

  • Have someone call for emergency medical help. Even if you your injury doesn’t feel serious, make sure you have an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), doctor or another medical professional examine you.
  • If your pedestrian or bicycle accident took place several days ago, make sure you schedule a follow-up appointment. You may have an injury that is not apparent.
  • If you are still at the scene of your accident, make sure someone you trust:
    • Calls the police
    • Talks to witnesses and gets their full names and phone numbers
    • Gets the following information from the driver that caused your accident – full name, address, phone number and insurance information
    • Takes photographs of the accident scene
  • If your accident took place several days ago, make sure you or a loved one takes the following steps:
    • Return to the accident scene and take photographs of exactly where your accident took place. Make sure to focus on:
      • Street signs
      • Traffic signals
      • Street lights
      • Crosswalk markings (if your accident occurred there)
    • Write down information about your accident, including:
      • Time of accident
      • Location of accident
      • Weather conditions
  • Contact our law firm. We can help you with all the steps you need to take to make your recovery smooth and hassle free. This includes dealing with insurance companies on your behalf and making sure you receive the medial attention you rightfully deserve.

Can I file a pedestrian accident lawsuit in West Virginia?

Yes. In some instances, filing a lawsuit is the best way to obtain the money you rightfully deserve for your pedestrian or bicycle accident. This is especially true if an insurance company has denied your claim or has not fairly compensated you for your injury.

We urge you to speak to us today for a free case evaluation. We can meet with you and explain all the legal options available to you. That way, you can decide if filing a lawsuit is the best solution to your legal issues.

How can a pedestrian accident attorney help me?

After a pedestrian or bicycle accident, you might not be able to work for several weeks or months. You should not have to suffer financially because of a physical injury. If you hire Klie Law Offices, we will pursue financial compensation for you and your family after your accident. That way, you will not have to live in fear of financial ruin.

At Klie Law Offices, we know what evidence to look for, what questions to ask and how to compile that information into a compelling legal case. We’re proud of our case results, and we’re eager to work with you. Contact us. Schedule a free case evaluation. Call (866) 408-9059.

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