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If you’re trying to step up to help someone who can’t make decisions for themselves, understanding the laws and having to go through the courts to become a legal guardian can feel overwhelming. You have no idea where to begin or how the process works. You want to help but you’ve never done something like this before. And you’re worried about the wellbeing of the person you want to help. You need a West Virginia guardianship lawyer from Klie Law Offices by your side. Our attorneys have experience handling complex family law matters such as legal guardianship. We will give your case the personal attention it needs and help you get the results you’re looking for. Contact us today for a case evaluation.

If you’re appointed by the courts to be a legal guardian, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities. You’ll be in charge of the ward’s personal affairs and make important decisions on their behalf. In a lot of cases, children whose parents passed away or are no longer capable of caring for them are in need of guardianship. But guardians don’t just take care of children – they can also be appointed by the courts to handle the personal affairs of adults who have special needs or mental illness.

Maybe you’re a grandparent and want to take legal guardianship over your grandchildren because their parents aren’t able to care for them anymore. It could be that you have a sibling with special needs and you want to take responsibility for them. Or perhaps you have an elderly relative who has a mental disorder and you think it’s time to step in and help. Whatever your situation is, the legal guardianship lawyers from our West Virginia law firm can listen to you so they can understand your needs, answer your questions, and explain the legal process of how to reach your goal. See what an attorney from Klie Offices can do for you, and get in touch with us right away so we can get to work.

What is a legal guardianship?

A legal guardian is someone who has been appointed by the courts to handle the personal affairs of a ward who does not have the individual capacity to do so on their own. Wards can be minor children or adults 18 and older who have a mental impairment or special needs. If you are appointed by a court to be a legal guardian, you will be responsible for the ward’s:

  • Living arrangements
  • Daily care (providing meals, clothing, toys, etc.)
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare decisions
  • Financial affairs

Not sure how to become a legal guardian in West Virginia? You’re not alone. The process can be confusing and overwhelming. But if you want to file for guardianship, one of the first things you should do is contact an attorney with experience in family law. You’ll need to fill out a lot of forms, file a petition with your circuit court, and testify in front of that court – with a bunch of other steps along the way.

Don’t try to figure this all out on your own. You don’t want to make any mistakes filling out the forms and paperwork or filing them with the courts. Let an experienced West Virginia legal guardianship lawyer from our law firm guide you through the process and help you get the results you need.

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The laws that govern legal guardianships are complex and in-depth. While you aren’t required to hire an attorney to file a petition to become a legal guardian, you can save yourself the headaches and give yourself peace of mind if you get a lawyer to help you out along the way. Whether you need to establish a permanent guardianship, a limited guardianship, a temporary guardianship – or you want to transfer a guardianship – our knowledgeable and experienced legal team is ready to help. Let a West Virginia guardianship lawyer from Klie Law Offices show you the way. Contact us today for a case evaluation.

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